Relax and Enjoy

Villa Azul offers a relaxing, private unit – yet close to the beach, many restaurants and the Ferry to St. John Island.

More About St. Thomas Island

It is wonderful to stroll the streets of this charming old town, rich in architectural detail, historical treasures, and wonderful shopping. Take the time to hear tales of pirates and colorful scoundrels. Find out why St. Thomas was nicknamed “taphus,” the pub house, since it’s early beginnings. Stroll up the ramparts of Fort Christian for an amazing view of the harbor. Visit historic house-museums for a glimpse of life in the Caribbean of the 18th century.

Learn about slavery and plantation life, about slave ships and the Middle Passage and the triangle trade route from Guinea and Gana across the Atlantic into the West Indies.

Learn about how the Jewish Community got its start, and visit the second oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. Find out about Camille Pisarro, the Impressionist artist born on this tiny speck of land, and about the racy tale of his parents, who starred in a most scandalous episode of St. Thomian 19th century society. Discover that the Mexican General Santa Anna, of Alamo fame, resided on St. Thomas for 6 years following his exile after the Texas uprising. He brought such an enormous fortune in Mexican Silver dollars with him that they became an acceptable currency on the island, known as “Santa Annas.”

More Facts For The Visitor